NCHR Calls Again For Establishment of Special Court on 6th Anniversary of The Assassination of Pioneer Journalist Jean Dominique
New York, April 3, 2006 --
While recognizing that the office of the President is hamstrung by constitutional limitations and the political and practical reality of barely functioning state institutions, we urge President-Elect Préval to use his political capital and moral authority now and in the future to back a vigorous pursuit of the criminals who conspired to silence Dominique and the democratic voices to which he gave voice. The government of Haiti should promptly establish an interim prosecutorial machine – a special court or prosecutor – to which the international community should commit significant resources so that justice reigns supreme.>>>

Quelle Importance Jean Dominique?
Plaidoirie de Michèle Montas et de Jan Dominique
New York, le 3 avril 2006 --
"La réponse nous vient de ceux qui sont victimes au quotidien des abus de pouvoir de petits chefs, de l’exclusion, de la marginalisation et des dénis de justice, ceux qui en masse ont voté le 7 février pour la fin de l’insécurité, sachant parfaitement que ce monstre a été nourri à la mamelle de l’impunité et de l’injustice, ceux qui se sont battus depuis 30 ans contre l’état prévaricateur et corrupteur, pour mettre fin aux jeux destructeurs de pouvoir et d’argent, et pour changer la vie." Lisez la suite en cliquant sur la flèche >>>

Help Stop Abuses Against Haitians in the Dominican Republic
March 15, 2006 --
About a week ago, the mayor of the village of Las Matas de Farfan in the Dominican Republic was found murdered. Reports indicate that a lynch mob gathered to avenge the murder of the mayor. Two Haitians were caught by the mob, doused with gasoline and set ablaze. They suffered severe burns over 70% of their body and were taken to the hospital in critical condition. One of them died of his wounds on March 14. The other hovers near death, but is not expected to survive.

While Dominican troops have reportedly taken control of the town and restored some calm, none of the members of the lynch mob have been apprehended.

Please send a letter to Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso and to OAS Ambassador Roberto Alvarez demanding prompt and thorough investigations into these tragic events, without bias and discrimination. The victims of these tragic and violent incidents deserve equal justice. Act Now!

Turning Haiti Around
March 2, 2006 -- On February 7, 2006, more than 2 million Haitian voters went to the polls to choose a new President and new Senators and Assemblymen. They came undeterred by disabilities, hardships or illiteracy, and waited patiently and calmly in long lines to cast their vote despite the slow, frustrating and chaotic process. When the polls closed, national and international observers hailed the vote as free and fair. We salute the people of Haiti whose dignified and exemplary behavior on election-day commands all of us to seek progress and build a viable democracy in Haiti through non-violent means.>>>


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